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June 9th, 2008

Paul's birthday weekend

It's been a very nice weekend.  Paul and I took the train out to Windsor on Saturday and went to Legoland, listened to lots of families complaining about the prices of everything and felt smug because we bought our tickets on Lastminute.com for half price.

Legoland was hot, packed, sticky with ice cream and swarming with children and wasps - in short, everything a theme park should be.  We had a whale of a time.  I loved the rides (although I was hankering after something bigger and speedier) and Paul loved the Miniland section with lego reproductions of destinations around the world.  He bought me a keyring with a lego Hermione on it which is very cute :-)

The day was marred slightly by me getting horribly sunburnt - I didn't even notice I was burning, and one minute Paul had said, 'aw you've got loads of freckles on your chest, they look reallly cute,' and the next minute I was bright red and glowing radiation.  I didn't feel too bad Saturday evening but Sunday morning I really paid for my thoughtlessness with aching arms as if I'd been pumping weights all day, and complete exhaustion.  Paul eventually dragged me out of the flat, which was hot and stuffy, over to his grandparents where I spent the afternoon sitting on their shady patio with a shawl around my shoulders, watching Paul garden and feeling loads better.

Later the family came round and we all had dinner together to celebrate Paul's 27th birthday, which is today.  It was a really nice evening.  Today Paul has the day off, so my day at work is going to go very slowly knowing that he is at home chilling out and planning what to get himself for his birthday - everyone in the family gave him money or vouchers so he has quite present fund!  I got him a very expensive pair of goalkeeper's gloves (he picked them - I would never have known what to buy otherwise) and a little surprise present of the Saturday Kitchen cookbook.  I'm hoping he might spend the day reading it and then decide to cook something delcious this evening!

So my man is now 27.  I have a whole six months until I turn 27 so I can spend them taking the piss out of him for being so much older than me.


Jun. 9th, 2008

Am I the only one who thinks American chocolate tastes faintly of washing up liquid?

(A few of my team went to the States about a month ago and brought back chocolate as a pressie for us all... it's still kicking around now which just shows how unpopular it's been!)

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