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May 4th, 2008

7 days

I've had an interesting few days.  The first past of the week I felt like I didn't stop to take a breath, and then the second part was much more chilled but I'm still pretty shattered.

Paul's best mate Jeroen was up during the week so we had a couple of nice evenings after work.  Wednesday night we went into town to a gig the King's College London student union - Tom McRae and several other people I hadn't heard of.  It already had the makings of a good gig (I particularly enjoyed the melancholy pianist whose name I can't remember but apparently he did the soundtrack to Grey's Anatomy) but then the cake was iced when they announced the special not-on-the-bill guests, and they were Turin Brakes.  I love gigs with special guests.  Seeing Turin Brakes in a tiny student union with about 200 people was fantastic.

I've been avoiding being at home a lot of the time this week because we've had a small problem with an insect infestation... cockroaches to be precise.  We'd noticed the odd insect in the kitchen before and never really thought anything of it, but as the weather has got warmer there have been quite a few more and we realised we had a bit of a problem.  So we've had Rentokil in twice to douse the kitchen in insecticide, and it's now a bit of a war zone, with dead cockroach bodies and traps and poison everywhere.  It doesn't make me want to spend time in our flat whatsoever.  I'm really hoping that the treatment will work and that I can start feeling comfortable in my home again.  For me there's really nothing worse than not being able to relax at home - it's what keeps me going throughout everything else that happens.

I've also been pestered in the last week or two by sharp blinding headaches and spells of dizziness and nausea.  They come and go, usually accompanying each other, and the headaches are always at the top left side of my head.  I really cannot pin down what's causing them, and I wish they'd go away!  They aren't dissimilar to the spells of dizziness I was experiencing about this time last year - can't remember if I ever mentioned them in LJ but knowing me I probably did.  Back then I blamed coming off medication but that's clearly not the issue this time.  My main suspicion is that it's the weather changing - specifically the higher pressure.  I often get thunder headaches and these feel the same.  But to have a headache for two weeks and counting just doesn't seem right somehow.

Those are my two rants of the moment anyway.  There are good things too, don't worry.  Like the fact that I'm watching a grand snooker final.  Bizarrely I seem to be supporting Ali Carter which is just ludicrous considering I'm supposed to be a lifelong O'Sullivan fan.  But really I just want to see a balanced match, and Ali Carter is far too sweet for me to wish him to lose miserably.  And also I love the way that when he speaks his voice sounds nothing like I expect it too.  But that's probably because he always reminds me of CIG so I expect him to sound vaguely Northern.  Ooh look, an acronym, did you see?  Hasn't been mention of them for a while!  Sorry sorry, I do honestly like the sport, not just the players.

I also have Exciting News.  I went to the hairdresser's yesterday and had my very long blonde hair cut into a bob and dyed dark!  The cut is gorgeous, I feel so much better without it weighing me down and my hair has never looked so glossy and shiny.  The colour is still surprising every time I look in the mirror, not least because it's a lot darker than I had in mind!  But I do like it, and I'm already wondering about having it darker next time.  It's a mid-shade brown I guess, with flecks of gold because the colour has been put onto blonde hair I guess (although it was an all over colour, not streaks).  I just hope it doesn't all wash out within a week which is what happens whenever I put red on my hair.  I realise I have probably lost all my male readers with this paragraph, sorry.

So anyway, that's my life.  I'm off to eat Green & Blacks 70% cocoa (the diet has been totally off this week what with me having no kitchen and all) and watch Ronnie O'Sullivan smack his fist down on the table when he gets angry.  Mmmm.

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