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September 25th, 2007

The One With The Big Changes Afoot

So... perhaps the biggest thing to tell you about is that last week I handed in my notice at work.  It was a decision I'd been knocking around in my head for a while, but I'd been holding off until I heard whether I'd got the new job or not, figuring that if I did get it work would be made a bit more bearable and I might want to stay around a bit longer.  After the interview, which was just awful, I went home, had a major panic attack which scared Paul out of his wits, bless him, and decided that there was no point waiting to see about the new job, and that I had to leave regardless.  So the following Monday I handed in my resignation, and that was that.

There is the small matter of not having a job to go to...  I have to give two months notice and I've agreed to work until 30th November (although actually my last day will be 23rd November because of my holiday time) just to ensure that I have a full month's pay for November.  The contract on my flat runs out at the end of December, and my main fear was being left without any means to pay December's rent.  But December's rent will come out of November's pay, so that's all alright then.

The second, and perhaps joint biggest thing to tell you about is that me and Paul are going to move in together.  To those that know me well this won't come as a particular surprise, because for a while now I haven't felt complete unless I've been with him.  The job thing forced our hands somewhat, with me potentially needing somewhere much cheaper to live and some financial support at the end of December, and both leaving my job and the moving in were joint decisions.  So the plan is to find somewhere for both of us either in December (tricky time of year obviously), or if I find another job that pays okay I can stay on here a couple of months longer and it'll give us more time to find somewhere nice.  He works near Heathrow so I'm trying to get my head around living in the West London sticks as opposed to the South London ones.  Mum will be pleased when we move West though - she refuses to visit in my current place because the journey to and from Sheffield is so impossible.

In terms of job hunting, I'm feeling remarkably relaxed about it so far.  I really have no idea what I want to do, beyond not wanting to work evenings and weekends like I do now.  I guess I'll keep looking for jobs and wait and see what happens come December.  If I end up temping or doing some seasonal work or even just having December off that would be no bad thing.  We'll see anyway.  If you have any ideas of things I might be interested in do let me know.

There are lots of reasons why I've done this, and I've spent the last week explaining them to people at work so I'm not going to explain them all here.  It's enough to say that every day since I resigned on Monday, something has happened at work to make me think: this is completely the right decision to make.  And if I hadn't known I was leaving, I'd have cracked up by now.

Anyway.  In far more interesting news, I went mad the other day and bought new knickers in many different colours.  For those of you who aren't familiar with my knickers (yes I realise that cuts most of my readers out), I haven't worn underwear in any colour other than black since 1992.  I think that buying coloured knickers is perhaps a metaphor for my larger state of mind at the moment.  I'm wearing purple ones today.

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