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June 3rd, 2004

My serotonin dealer

Eddie Izzard once said (and here I paraphrase), "stand-up comedy is like a drug: laughing releases excess levels of serotonin in your brain and makes you feel fantastic. Stand-up comedians are like drug dealers, supplying comedy to the audiences."

To be precise, he said that on Monday evening, and I know he did, cos I was there.

Me and carakins and littlemissk went to see the opening of The Cat's Meow at the Prince Charles Cinema off Leicester Square. Eddie introduced it, and then did a Q&A session afterwards. The film was very good - not quite what I'd expected, and reminded me not a little of Gosford Park in some ways - and it was great to see Eddie speaking about something serious. I love his comedy, and seeing him do stand up live is fabulous, but I found him really fascinating when he wasn't cracking the jokes.

Afterwards, me and Cara said goodbye to Kate and went to the ladies. As we stood outside the cinema putting on our jackets, out came Mr Izzard himself, and we found ourselves at the front of a small mob of fans wanting autographs, so we thought, why not? He signed my ticket, and when I told him how much I loved his website, and particularly the text messages he sends to fans, he said, "oh yeah, they're really from me!", and showed us on his mobile the one he'd sent just before the show. It was even more exciting when I received it about half an hour later. There's always a delay, but getting it was even better when I'd already seen it on Eddie Izzard's own mobile.

That was Monday - that was fun. There's more to come...

Day of chance

Yesterday, me and carakins did our long-intended day of chance. For those not familiar with the concept, this is where you set aside a day where your every decision is made by the toss of a coin (or the roll of a die, or the picking of a card). Invented by Cara's sister Alys, originating I believe from The Dice Man (which I haven't read - it's on my list). Anyway, doing it in London is particularly fun.

Our destinyCollapse )

We both went home tired and happy. It was a great way of seeing some of London's more interesting bits.

Ah, Mr Potter, our new celebrity...

kisobel's updates are like buses... there isn't one for ages, and then three come along at once...

I've had two days off in a row, which feels like a bit of a luxury. Although I have not succeeded in doing everything I wanted to do - like all of my washing and ironing. But I've had a lovely couple of days.

Went to see Harry Potter and the Shameless Money-Maker today (or whatever it's called), even though I am supposed to be seeing it in a couple of weeks with metaltax. I couldn't resist - I've been selling tickets for it all week at work to excited people with beaming faces, and I was just getting too jealous. So I went and endured a cinema crammed full of children in Richmond. I can't be bothered to write a proper review type thing, so I'll just say that I very much enjoyed it. I particularly liked the influences of the new director - the film seemed a lot more iconic and was full of pathetic fallacy, particularly in the weather and seasons - something I really appreciate because of my literary leanings. There's a lot of pathetic fallacy in postmodern fiction.

It slightly irritated me that they'd strayed from the book a bit, but at the same time I understand why, and it didn't spoil the overall story; just took away a few of the layers. And I realise that if they kept in all the parts of the book that I think are important then they'd have a six hour film, and that just wouldn't do. Shame though. But it was definitely my favourite of the films so far - unsurprising as Prisoner of Azkaban is also my favourite of the books.

I've also been feeling very old today. I'm not going to moan about it or even talk about it much; suffice to say it was due to listening to 80s music and wearing vaguely 80s clothes. You know you're getting old when you find yourself wearing clothes that your mother wouldn't wear for fear of looking dated and unstylish.

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