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March 22nd, 2004

Mar. 22nd, 2004

Went out for dinner at a rather classy Lebanese restaurant last night; tried to overcome the fact that I really wasn't all that hungry. Food was great, if you like that sort of thing.

Then back home, for eight hours of badly needed, blissful, dreamless sleep.

And this morning I don't start work til 12. Love my job.

The concrete jungle's really going crazy

One of the really nice things about working where I do is, strangely, the 60s designed architecture. I don't know why but I'm becoming rather fond of it. It's all jutting angles and high impractical walkways. Being an arts centre, all the buildings and walkways are named after writers or characters from literature. So: we have Shakespeare Tower and Ben Jonson House, and my personal favourite, Willoughby Highwalk. Walking over it immediately conjures up images of Greg Wise in breeches; enough to keep me smiling for the rest of the day.

I'm starting to enjoy the tube journey home too. By 8pm when I often finish, it's always dead quiet and I can stretch out and gaze out of the window. I like Baker Street, where we go through the restored section of the original station - the first ever London Underground station. It has a rather evocative, fin-de-siecle style gloominess. I like the high rise flats at Ladbroke Grove and Latimer Road; they remind me of London Fields. I love the stretch just before Shepherd's Bush, where you can see the chaotic cluster that is BBC Television Centre, and all the huge white satellite broadcasting dishes.

A mis-hearing on the tube this morning:
"The next station is Goldhawk Road. This is a Hammersmith & City line train to Glasgow."
I've never been woken from public transport induced slumber so quickly before in my life.

I've also been listening lots to a new/old album, which I bought off eBay for 50p or something equally silly. It's Cyndi Lauper's Twelve Deadly Cyns...and then some, and I used to own it on cassette about eight years ago. I also went to see her live. Her music is so dated, and yet there's something about the way she sings that I just love - she manages to shout the lyrics with so much power that you'd swear she really felt it, and yet still holds her tune brilliantly. It's such a feel-good album. I actually had to catch my throat to stop myself singing it out loud on the way home once or twice.

Now however, we are a tad more chilled, with the sultry sexy tones of Beth Gibbons.

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